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Oliver and Daniel met in 2015 in Thailand. After several conversations they discovered they share the same passion for farming and innovative models for development. When they decided to visited a farmers community in 2016, they realized when visiting a farmers community in 2016, they realized that farmers are locked in a negative feedback loop that hampers their economic and thus social advancement. They decided to start a social business that puts farmers in the front seat, not only from a business perspective, but also in terms of social status.

Diversity in Collatio starts with the backgrounds of its founders. Daniel Jongejan was born and raised in the global North; The Netherlands, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Daniel lived in disadvantaged countries for more than 5 years now and he has been working in development for more than 5 years. He has a Master degree in Development Studies.

On the other hand, Oliver Ortiz was born in the global South; Colombia, a country best known because of its drugs wars. Growing up in the global South, Oliver has a thorough understanding of the issues, limitations, challenges and needs of people in disadvantaged communities. Oliver has a Master degree in Business Innovation.-

With its founders, Collatio Insignis blends 2 different worlds; the North and the South. Additionally, the business blends social studies with business innovation. Hence, the name Collatio. In Latin, ‘Collatio’ is used to describe the confluence of 2 different elements, while maintaining the harmonic unity in diversity. ‘Insignis’ stands for outstanding, which reminds us every day about our ambition of unrivaled high quality in terms of work delivered. For Collatio Insignis, outstanding work is paired with visible positive impacts, which are tangible and enhance the physical capital of farmers (for example, the construction of a house made of stone, television ,etc.)

Collatio Insignis was founded to work hand-in-hand with farmers to equally share the benefits and equally share entrepreneurial risks.

We want to challenge the conventional ecosystem of doing business. This requires a change in mindset: societal issues, such as the lack of access to finance, are investment opportunities and not threats that need to be cured by charity.

Oliver Ortiz Paez • Co-founder


Having trusting relationships between the relevant stakeholders are the currency of true entrepreneurship.


Improving the accessibility to new and existing resources unlocks additional value.


Transparency is the key ingredient to create an ecosystem of shared values.


Happiness is the thruster for trust, accessibility and transparency.


Collatio envisions to propagate the vision of a shared values’ ecosystem on a worldwide level, where every farmer group and community has the same equal opportunities and freedom to advance economically and socially.